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health is a complete circle.


Welcome to the community for everyone seeking education for oral dysfunction, oral restrictions & airway support.
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learn, trust & thrive

to get the full circle of care you deserve.

There is a natural flow to creating your own health:latch circle:

(1) It all starts with an eagerness to LEARN more about oral restrictions, oral dysfunction & airway health.

(2) From there, you can TRUST the circle to guide you and find the answers and care you're looking for.

(3) Then, it's your time to THRIVE and grow your unique circle of healthcare providers who can help.


Chances are you found the health:latch circle because you're looking for answers. You need help and you’re not really sure where to start. Don't worry, your journey to complete care starts here!

LEARN from articles, videos & research articles from trusted circle providers.

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You need a circle of specialists to not only work with you, but also with one another. Explore the circle to connect with trusted healthcare professionals who can help with oral restrictions like tongue, lip and buccal tie.

TRUST a provider you've found here and connect with them directly.

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We gathered the pieces of the circle for you, and it’s up to you to complete it the way that best fits you. 

THRIVE by growing your circle and freeing yourself, your child or a loved one of oral restrictions for good.

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start building your circle.

Build your personal team of trusted healthcare professionals ready to work together and help you get the answers you need.

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