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we have one mission:
to ensure you thrive


YOU are at the heart of everything we do.



Over the years, we've heard from THOUSANDS of families looking for help with an oral restriction, oral dysfunction, or airway and breathing issues.

People from all walks of life, from all over the world — trying desperately to find a provider they can trust. Someone who will provide them with the support & answers they're looking for.

Staying true to our values, we decided to be DISRUPTIVELY BRAVE and finally give families like yours hope through a trusted resource you can turn to for education and encouragement.

It's exactly why we built the circle.














our mission

To connect parents, patients & caregivers with a TRUSTED provider who can help 

We want everyone to enjoy better lives and to THRIVE by freeing themselves of oral dysfunction, oral restrictions and airway health issues for good. Families and their loved ones deserve to enjoy a better quality of life.

To enjoy that first breath that comes with an unrestricted airway. To help mothers and their babies who are suffering during feedings. To help teens and adults with mouth breathing issues enjoy a good night's sleep.

There are thousands of healthcare providers and families who wholeheartedly believe in this mission. Many of them have also suffered from issues caused by tongue tie or airway issues — including our founder, Dr. James Thomas.

Whether you're a parent, patient or healthcare professional, you can find what you're looking for in the circle.






our principles

The health:latch circle is based on 3 main principles that drive everything we do: INTUITION, AWARENESS & ADVOCACY


You probably found the circle because you’re looking for answers. You’ve been told time and time again that “nothing is wrong” or that your child will “grow out of it” — but your instincts tell you differently.

We’re here to assure you that your INTUITION is telling you something. It’s the exact reason that you’re here.




Now is the time to gain AWARENESS and find out what could be causing the symptoms you or your child are experiencing.

However, there are multiple sources that all seem to say something different. So how do you know what information you can rely on?

The health:latch circle is a trusted source that can help and support you with tons of FREE educational resources on oral restrictions like tongue tie, as well as oral dysfunction, airway health and more.




And lastly, once you’ve trusted your instincts and gained more education and awareness about the possible root cause, now is the time to act!

You must ADVOCATE for yourself, your child or a loved one. You must take the leap and reach out to a trusted provider who can help.

Create your FREE account here and start connecting with healthcare professionals in the circle.




our values

From day one, we’ve always stayed true to these values in everything we do here at the circle.

We want to be a small, but positive piece of your story. The health:latch circle and all of our TRUSTED healthcare providers promise to be:









If I've learned anything on this 15-year journey, it's to trust your INTUITION when you feel like something "just isn't right." More times than not, you ARE right!
Dr. James Thomas
founder & changemaker of the health:latch circle

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