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"The whole body is interconnected. We can’t just look at one thing, such as teeth or the airway. Too often, we’re missing the preventive, holistic measures. It’s about addressing root causes. We need a collaborative, interdisciplinary approach to health — a full circle."

- Sarah Hornsby, Myofunctional Therapist


how can myofunctional therapy support overall health and wellbeing?

As a trailblazer in the field of myofunctional therapy, Sarah brings together innovative research, techniques, and exercises for optimal functionality and life-changing results.

"As a myofunctional therapist, my goal is to restore normal function of the face, mouth, jaw and tongue for healthy breathing, eating, swallowing, and sleeping. These are things we should be born doing; you shouldn’t even have to think about it. Yet everyone knows someone, if not themselves, who has these symptoms. They are so underdiagnosed and underrecognized we all think it’s normal."

"Every parent wants their child to grow optimally. If unresolved, myofunctional symptoms can lead to issues such as a narrow palette, your face growing downwards, crowded teeth and sub-optimal craniofacial development."

"If mouth breathing and tongue tie are not addressed as a child, you’re very likely to become an adult with sleep apnea, even as early as your 20s or 30s. Addressing myofunctional issues earlier on can help improve or prevent issues and complications that can develop over time."

Sarah continues to play a prominent role in raising awareness about myofunctional therapy among healthcare professionals, patients, and parents of children with oral restrictions. Her advocacy has helped establish and communicate the Four Goals of Myofunctional Therapy, which are:

1. Nasal breathing
2. Proper lip seal
3. Tongue posture
4. Swallowing pattern

myofunctional therapy for tongue tie patients

Vital therapy before and after a release procedure

Myofunctional therapy can make a huge difference when it comes to restoring function after an oral restriction release procedure. Yet many patients and healthcare providers aren’t aware of how important it is to see a myofunctional therapist BEFORE a release procedure.

Sarah recommends that children and adults start myofunctional therapy 4-6 weeks before their tongue tie release procedure for neuromuscular preparation.


a myofunctional pioneer

Bringing myofunctional therapy into the mainstream conversation around oral health

Sarah-Hornsby-myomunchee-myofunctional-therapistSarah Hornsby began her journey into myofunctional therapy after graduating from Eastern Washington University with a bachelor's degree in Dental Hygiene. As she trained in myofunctional therapy, Sarah began to notice her own orofacial symptoms that had gone undiagnosed since childhood. As she poured through research and networked with specialists in the field, she began to connect the dots between airway, mouth and tongue function and overall health and holistic wellness.

Sarah opened her myofunctional therapy practice and Faceology in 2010. At that time, there was very little dialogue or awareness about myofunctional therapy. Over the years she has helped thousands of patients with issues related to tongue tie, mouth breathing, and sleep apnea.

Sarah quickly distinguished herself as a leader in raising awareness about tongue tie, airway issues, and myofunctional therapy. By leveraging the internet and online tools, she was able to serve more people than ever before. Her public speaking, social media presence, and outreach to professional organizations helped bring myofunctional therapy out of obscurity and into the mainstream conversation around oral health. Due in great part to her contributions, awareness and access to myofunctional therapy has skyrocketed.

Sarah-Hornsby-CBCT-ScanIn 2015, Sarah took her practice 100% online where she is able to serve patients and collaborate with healthcare professionals all over the world. Sarah is also the creator of Myo Mentor and offers online courses to train and support myofunctional therapists and other healthcare professionals.

Today, Sarah works primarily with adults with severe mouth breathing issues such as sleep apnea (reliance on a CPAP machine), chronic fatigue, chronic pain, and jaw problems like TMJ.


“If you are not breathing properly this is beyond a cosmetic issue. Myofunctional therapy is an opportunity to restore normal function. There are great practitioners out there. Find the ones that resonate with you and who you can trust.”


Sarah Hornsby is a part of The Airway Colab, a joint effort between the AAPMD Liaison committee and The Breathe Institute to raise awareness about airway health and sleep disordered breathing.


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