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what is tongue tie?

Are you having difficulty with breastfeeding? For instance: painful latch, clogged ducts, incomplete feeds, or lip blisters on your baby — just to name a few.

Maybe you've heard of "tongue tie" and have already been doing a ton of research to get answers for you and your family. Or, your mother's intuition just tells you something is off.

But you're still left wondering, "where do I even begin?" The answer is: RIGHT HERE!

(Check out the SNEAK PEEK video below, then register to watch the FULL Webinar!)

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Watch this FREE webinar & learn more about:

✔️What tongue tie is & what causes it

✔️Top 10 signs of tongue tie in newborns

✔️What happens if a tongue tie is left untreated

✔️What a health:map is and how it can help you and your baby

✔️How to find support for your child or a loved one